August Pick 3- Classroom Management Ideas

Classroom Management Ideas

I'm always looking for new ideas for managing classroom behavior in a positive way.  I found some really simple ideas on Pinterest.

Catch Some Kindness, I love the positive tone of this jar.  It was designed by a mom to use in her home, but I think it would be perfect in any classroom.  We all need to share a little kindness.

This idea caught my eye because it focuses on kindness.  I love the simple jar and design.  The jar was made by a mom to use at home.  As family members notice someone doing something kind they put the person's name, the kindness and their name on a slip of paper and put it in the jar.  Once a week they draw a slip and both family members get a treat of some kind.
This would work so easily in a classroom.  And, I love the idea of focusing on the kind things students do throughout the week.  I made up a simple slip you could use for your kindness jar.  Click on the image to download it.
Kindness Jar slips ---Crockett's Classroom

s I like this next idea because it also focuses on positive behavior. All you have to do is display a large chart with the numbers 1-100  and have a set of number cards or sticks from 1-100. When you notice a positive behavior, draw a number.  Then choose a student to color in that number on the chart.  When the class has ten in a row, either vertically or horizontally, the class gets a reward.  For a quicker reward you can set the number to five in a row.

My third idea is also very simple, but a great way to recognize students who have a difficult time showing positive behavior. Using this little container with a magnet on the back, the teacher puts a student name in it every morning.  The name is kept secret all day.  At the end of the day the name is revealed.  Classmates then think of at least three positive things they saw this student do through the day.  Those things are written on a short note that the student gets to take home.  It's a nice way to give every student in class recognition in a positive way. 

I just revised my positive behavior product, SPARKLE.  It has so many ideas that I call it a tool box!  Check it out, I'm sure you'll find something you'll be able to use in your classroom this year.

 Positive Behavior Toolbox,  Help your kids SPARKLE this year.

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