Stress Free Test Day

Well, you and your students have been working hard all year (or at least ¾ of the year) to master those standards.  With the big test just around the corner it’s time to teach your students how to relax. These ideas might help students stay calm and give their best during the test.

Make it a sweet day:  Researchers say the scent of cinnamon or peppermint can stimulate the brain.  These scents might improve alertness and focus. So let students eat cinnamon or peppermint candies while they’re testing.

Get moving!  The brain needs blood flowing in order to keep working so get your students moving before they settle down with the test.  Try a few minutes of stretching, jumping jacks or a walk around the room.

Show you lighter side: Lighten the mood with a few jokes.  Your students probably have a few they’d like to share too.  Laughter is a great way to relieve stress.

And finally…EAT!   Talk to your students and parents about the importance of eating a Healthy breakfast. Arrange for snacks to be brought in each testing day. Make sure they are healthy snacks (cracker, peanut butter, cheese, fruits, veggies, etc.)

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What do you do with your students to relieve test anxiety?

When the testing is over why not go to the beach!!! Your kids will love the activities in my Beach Day packet.

Day at the Beach

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