Easy Poinsettia
Make this easy poinsettia flower with your kids.

I love making this easy holiday poinsettia with my kids.  It's super easy and makes our room look so festive.

Large, medium and small petal templates, 
red, pink, white, and green construction paper,
brad, glitter (optional) , single hole punch tool

Your kids will love making these super simple Christmas flowers to decorate your classroom or home.
1. Make enough leaf templates for students to share.  I made the templates with tagboard or card stock.  The thick paper is easier to trace around and should last for several holiday seasons.

2. Students will choose to make a red, pink, or white poinsettia.

Your kids will love making these super simple Christmas flowers to decorate your classroom or home.

3. Each poinsettia needs 3-5 small, 3-5 medium, and 3-5 large petals of the chosen color. The flower also needs 3-5 large green petals. Students trace and cut out the leaves they need for their flowers.

4.    Punch a hole at the end of each petal.

Your kids will love making these super simple Christmas flowers to decorate your classroom or home.

5.   Put brad through each petal going from smallest to largest so the brad opening ends up at the back.

Your kids will love making these super simple Christmas flowers to decorate your classroom or home.

6.    Spread out the leaves

Your kids will love making these super simple Christmas flowers to decorate your classroom or home.

7.    You can add a few dots of white glue and then sprinkle on gold glitter. This step is optional.

Your kids will love making these super simple Christmas flowers to decorate your classroom or home.

These look beautiful displayed around the room during the holiday season.

Click here for directions and patterns.


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Gingerbread Man

Spicy Gingerbread Man

Your kids will love making these gingerbread men.  With the paper stuffing and real spices, they'll be almost like real cookies. 

Materials:  gingerbread man template, large brown paper bags (have the kids bring them in), glue, spices (ginger, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg or any other spice you have that smells like yummy cookies), small pieces of tissue paper.

1.    Copy patterns heavy card stock or lightweight cardboard to use as a tracing template.  I usually had one template for every 4 students to share.  You can use the templates for many years.

2.    Students trace and cut out two gingerbread men from the brown paper bag.  It’s okay if there is printing on the bag.  It can be on the inside of the gingerbread man.

3.    Color one side of the gingerbread man.  You can also glue on ribbons, glitter, sequins or any other decorations you have on hand.

4.    Put glue around 3 sides of one gingerbread man piece.

5.    Place the other gingerbread man piece on top and let the pieces dry for 10-15 minutes.

6.     Crumple the tissue paper and use it to stuff into the gingerbread man through the open side.  Gently push the tissue paper into each arm, leg, and head with the eraser end of a pencil.

7.     Put the spices in the center of a piece of tissue.  Fold up the tissue and stuff it into the gingerbread man.

8.     Glue the open side together.


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Stitched Stocking

Stitched Stocking

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Paper Strip Trees

Paper Strips Tree

Materials: Strips of paper ½” wide.  For younger children you can use wider strips.

For hanging tree:  ribbon, bell

For card:  8 ½ X 11” piece of white card stock folded in half.

This easy craft is super cute.  The uneven layers make it even more adorable.

1.Cut ½” strips of paper.  You can use paper with a printed design or plain, colored paper. 

Hanging Tree:

     Plan the layers by putting two strips back to back.  The next layer should be slightly smaller, keep going until you reach the top.

When you’re ready to glue the tree together, tie the bell on the end of the ribbon.  Lay the ribbon on a flat surface.  Take the longest pair of strips and put glue on one piece.  Place it under the ribbon and put the matching strip on top.  Make sure the strip is centered on the ribbon.  Continue gluing the strips up the ribbon.  Tie the extra ribbon at the top to form a loop.

Card:  Glue the longest strip at the bottom, continue gluing shorter strips up the front of the card to form a tree shape.  Draw a star, cut it out and glue it to the top of the tree.


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Paper Strips Ornament Ball

Paper Strips Ornament Ball

Materials: 8 strips of paper (1” X 6”) for each ornament.  You can use printed paper, or plain paper and let students color or decorate the pieces. Two brads, 8” thin ribbon, bell, hole punch.

1.Cut the strips and punch a hole at both ends.  It might save time to have the holes punched before you give them to the students.

2.Put the brad through the bottom holes for all 8 pieces.

3.Make sure the brad will open on the back side of the

          paper strips.

4.     Put the bell on the ribbon.  Put the ribbon ends through

         the top hole so the bell stays on the back of the strips,

         which will be the inside of the ornament.

5.Put the other brad through the hole with the

        opening on the inside,  by the bell.

6.     Spread out the strips to form the ball.


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Rudolph Race

Reindeer Race

This is a fun game that can be played with 2 to 12 students.  The best number of players is 3 to 5.

Materials:  Reindeer Race game board, two dice, one marker for each player. Small buttons or 1 cm cubes work well for the markers.

1. Students choose a number from 1 to 12 and place their marker on that number at the bottom of the game board.

2. Someone rolls the two dice.  Add the numbers on the dice and move that reindeer up one space.  If there is no reindeer for that number, no one moves. No matter who rolls, the reindeer with that number gets to move up one space.

3. Let the next person roll, add the numbers on the dice and move that reindeer.

4. Keep rolling and moving until one reindeer crosses the finish line.

5. The reindeer who was in last place gets to be the first to choose their number for the next race.

Students soon learn which numbers have the greater probability of being rolled with two dice.


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Christmas Craft: Cinnamon Dough

Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

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An Orange for Frankie

An Orange for Frankie
Book Chat and Craft

Patricia Polacco has several wonderful books that are perfect for the holiday seasons.  She draws on her childhood memories to share heartwarming stories about Hanukkah, Christmas, and Epiphany.

This activity is a sample from my Holiday Reading with Patricia Polacco. The full version is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

 (Click on the picture to download the sample.)

In the sample, you get the story chat chards, the mini-folding book, and directions for making an orange/clove holiday decoration for the book An Orange for Frankie. 

Click here to see the Holiday Reading in my TpT store.


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