Daily Reading Routine

Wonderful way to keep our reading instruction organized and on schedule.  Create power point presentations so everything you need is right at your fingertips.

How do you fit everything into your reading block?  There are so many skills to cover and very little time.  What you need is everything right at your fingertips!  Well, I have an idea to share that will make your reading lessons run smoothly and keep you on schedule. 

First you need to decide what areas you want to include in your opening routine.  I've created an opening routine that includes these areas:

  • Warm Up to get everyone thinking
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • High Frequency Words
  • Vocabulary practice
  • Phonics skills
  • Editing (spelling and grammar skills) 
Now take those areas and create a Power Point presentation with one slide for each area.  Here are my slides.  (I thought of a catchy title for each one to make them a little more interesting.)
You can keep your reading lesson on track by creating Power Point slides that guide your through your daily routine.

 Now you can add the content.  Add as many interactive elements as you wish, or keep the slides super simple with just the basic skill and a few practice items to read through.

Keep your students involved in the skills your present or review every day with interactive Power Point slides.

In class it is so easy to click through the slides as you go through your opening routine.  Everything is right there!  No more flipping through your teacher's manual or stopping to write things on the board.  You can speed up or slow down, depending on your kids.  The goal is to get through this routine in 10-15 minutes so you can move on to the other parts of your reading lesson.

To see what the finished presentation looks like you can download a set I created to go along with a 2nd grade lesson for Journeys, published by *Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  This Power Point slide show is fully functional and goes with Unit 3, lesson 11, Day 1 for the story Click, Clack, Moo  Cows that Type.  When you download this file be sure to save it to your computer and then open it with Power Point.  (The fonts may not look the right size if you view it only from the Google Docs location.) 

(click on this image to download the free sample)
 Free sample of 2nd grade Power Point slide show for Lesson 11, Day 1 of daily routines

These materials were prepared by Debra Crockett (Crockett's Classroom)  and have neither been developed, reviewed nor endorsed byHoughton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, publisher of the original Journeys Common Core Reading on which this material is based.

If you like what you see, all of the 2nd grade units are available in my TPT store- Journeys 2nd Grade in Crockett's Classroom.

I hope this idea helps you keep your reading block on schedule!

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