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Teacher, in one word that is me.  I’ve been a teacher since I was 7 years old sitting on my front porch when I played school with my cousin and younger brother.  There were never any other career choices for me, nothing else ever had the appeal of teaching. 

My teaching career has included special education resource students in grades K-8 and regular education classes in grades 1, 3, and 4.  By far my favorite has always been 3rd grade.  That’s where I started teaching in a small town in Missouri and were I ended my career in Chandler, Arizona.

When I retired a couple of years ago I wanted to stay connected to my school and the kids.  Now I volunteer every Wednesday to help the K-3 teachers with their Dibels Progress Monitoring.  I also sub a few days, but I find my days are so busy I don't take many subbing days anymore. 

When I’m not at school I’m at home creating products for my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  When U was in the classroom I created so many of my units and materials. Partly because the materials provided by the district never quite covered all the required curriculum and partly because I really enjoyed it.  In a way it became my hobby.   I’m very lucky to have the time and venue (TpT) to keep creating fun and useful products and then share them with other teachers around the world.  As my friends say, my retirement came at just the right time.  I’m loving every minute of my life as a retired educator.

Teachers Pay Teachers is amazing.  Not only does it supply incredible products for classroom teachers and homeschooling families, it gives teacher-authors a little boost to their income.  With my TpT earnings I’ve remodeled my kitchen and have gone on a few fabulous vacations.  Like I said earlier, retirement is wonderful!

One more thing about me . . .I don’t like to have my picture taken.  If I ever see a picture of myself that I like I might put it on my blog.  But until then, maybe you’d like to see pictures of my pets.


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