Aunt Chip and 

the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair

“I mean we USE books all the time. They’re all over town, but . . .”
“Use them? You mean READ them don’t you?” she asked, leaning closer to the boy.
“R-r-read? What’s that?” Eli asked.
----From the story Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair by Patricia Polacco.

As so begins a wonderful story that I share with my students during the first week of school.  It’s a great way to begin discussions about books and how they enrich our lives. 

Triple Creek is suffering some pretty severe consequences because years ago they knocked down the library in order to put up the giant TV tower.  Aunt Chip begin telling stories to her nephew, Eli.  Eli spreads the stories to his friends and soon they all want to learn how to read.  

It isn't long before the kids are grabbing books from everywhere to read.  You'll have to read the story yourself to see how the stories and books change the town of Triple Creek!

After sharing the book with your students you can make a mini-book about books!  It's the perfect time to teach your students about caring for books and how we use books in our lives.  Two versions of the mini-book are included.  One geared toward 1st and 2nd graders and the other for 3rd graders.

 Taking Care of Books, mini-book

Some Birthday!

Another great summer time book by Patricia Polacco is Some Birthday!  After her parents divorced, Patricia and her brother Richie spent the summers in Michigan with their dad.  Their dad was quite a character and you can tell where Patricia gets some of her story-telling talents.

In this story it's Patricia's birthday and her dad has quite a surprise for her. 

She's sure everyone has forgotten her birthday because not a word has been said about it all day!

When her dad gets home from work he tells the kids it's the perfect night to go down to the clay pits.  The kids have heard it's haunted, so of course, they all want to go!

They gather the flashlights, cameras and a hamper full of hot dogs and marshmallows.  Around the fire dad tells them about the Clay Pits monster.  As the kids are watching and waiting for the monster to appear from the swamp, dad sneaks away.  The next thing they see is a spooky shadow from the water.  

The kids all run for home, only to find out the monster had been dad who had fallen into the water!

The adventure with a special birthday cake for Patricia, which grandma had ready for their return from seeing the monster!

Ask your students to draw and write a birthday surprise with this page you can download for free to use in your classroom.

 Some Birthday!--Crockett's Classroom

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