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These bright and colorful countdown posters will make any holiday or special event even more exciting.  The text on the posters are completely editable, so you can make them countdown to anything!
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Bring a little extra excitement to any special event or holiday with these free countdown posters.

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Intermediate Literacy Centers!
Last spring I was talking to a good friend who teaches 4th grade. She mentioned that she couldn't find any literacy centers that were geared toward intermediate students.  With her input and guidance I started creating!  And now, they're ready to share with other intermediate teachers.   I think they turned out great, and I hope you do too!
 Intermediate Literacy Centers, Crockett's Classroom
Since my friend teaches at a school that uses the HMH Journeys reading series I followed that sequence of skills.  Even though these centers are aligned to the 4th grade Journeys you do not have to be using that reading series in your classroom to use these centers.  The activities can be used independentle of the reading text.

Each week has six centers:
Read About It, Chat About It, Listen to It, Just a Word About It, Be Right About It and Write About It.

To get a better idea of everything that is included you can download the entire week 1 to use for free in your classroom!

 Intermediate Literacy Centers, Week 1 Free Sample,  Crockett's Classroom

Journeys Reading for 2nd Grade, Daily Routine Power Point and Vocabulary Games

I'm so excited to get this product ready to share with everyone.  It's one of those project that I've loved working on, but it took a really loooong time to get it into my TPT store.  I actually started working on it last December after a good friend, Stacy,  mentioned she was having a hard time getting through their daily opening routine for their reading text, Journeys by HMH.  

I told her I would see what I could do to help get the routine into a PowerPoint so all she'd need to do is click through the slides.  Well, I'd never worked much with the animations, etc. in PowerPoint so the first unit took several weeks.  But I got Unit 3 ready for her to use when her students returned to school in January.  Then I got Units 5, and 6 ready through the spring so she and her 2nd grade teammates could use them for the last half of the school year. Now I'm working on Units 1, 2 and 3 so the year will be complete.

Each Unit has five PowerPoint slide shows, one for each story. The slides cover the opening routine for days 1, 2, 3, 4 of the lesson. There are six slides for each day:
Think About It (Essential Question)
Brain Stretch (Warm Up Word Play)
Listen and Learn (Phonemic Awareness)
Word Mastery (High-Frequency Words)
Word Study (Phonics and Spelling)
Daily Edit (Editing 2 sentences)

This video shows the first day of lesson 1:

Along with each unit I've bundled a vocabulary game for each lesson. The games can be set up in a literacy center to give students more practice with the vocabulary words for that week.

Now comes the best part . . .  I've decided to put Unit 1 at a special price for the first 4 weeks!  The original price is $10.00, but from now until July 8 it's marked down to $5.00!  

 Journeys 2nd Grade Daily Opening Routine

I plan on adding the other units in the next couple of months so make sure you follow my TPT store so you'll be notified when they are available.

*****These materials were prepared by Debra Crockett (Crockett's Classroom and have neither been developed, reviewed nor endorsed byr Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, publisher of the original Journeys Common Core Reading on which this material is based.

Informational Text Toolbox
It's finally here! Everything you need for teaching informational text; anchor charts, activities, interactive notebook flip-flap pages, graphic organizers and a choice board for research projects.

Kids love to read informational text, but they need to be taught how to effectively use all the feature in this type of text.  This toolbox is the perfect way to introduce, read and learn from informational text.

Learn:  First students will learn about informational text types and text features.  You can use these handy anchor charts to guide your instruction.  There are three versions of the anchor chart so you can choose the level of support you want for your lesson. Full anchor chart, with only the topics (you fill in the rest with your class discussion or lesson) or only the title.

There's also a mini-book so students can get a little practice with all the text features you've introduced.

Read:  Next students begin reading informational text.  As they read they need to begin taking notes and organizing the information in the test.  Ten unique graphic organizers are included in the tool box. (download the free sample to see the complete list.)  Each organizer has two versions.  One is a Print-n-Go that students can write on and then keep in a binder or folder.  The second one can be cut out and pasted into an interactive notebook.

Learned:  Finally it' time for students to show what they've learned from the informational text they've been reading. The Informational Text Toolbox includes an eight project Choice Board. (download the free sample for the complete list.) Each choice has a page to introduce the choice with the steps and checklist to complete the project, a graphic organizer and the final copy page (if needed).

You can check out this incredible toolbox by downloading this free sample: 
 Informational Text Toolbox Free Sample---Crockett's Classroom

If you like what you see the full version is available from my TPT store: 
Informational Text Toolbox ---Crockett's Classroom

Language Task Cards
 Language Task Cards, Free Sample----Crockett's Classroom

What teacher doesn't love task cards!  They're so versatile and easy to use.  This set is huge, with over 180 cards covering more than 40 language skills.

The cards are organized by language skill, with 4 cards per skill. On three of those cards the students have to copy 5 sentences and then fill in a blank or circle a word to practice the specific skill.  The final card of each set asks students to write their own sentences showing their mastery of the skill.

Here's a look at one set of 4 cards with the skill of adding -ed to words with the cvc pattern. 

To see the complete set of Language Task Cards, please visit my TPT store. 
 Language Task Cards---Crockett's Classroom

Civil Rights Leaders
This packet is the perfect way to introduce your students to world leaders who have made a difference.  Their accomplishments have made the world a better place for us all.
 Civil Rights Leaders, pocket folder or interactive notebook components ---Crockett's Classroom
This packet focuses on six leaders: Susan B. Anthony, Cesar Chavez, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman.

The activities can be used to make a special pocket folder that your students will treasure.  Or, the elements will fit into your interactive notebooks!

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