May Day Basket

May Day
     May Day has a long history.  It was a pagan holiday first celebrated in the British Isles by the Druids.  The Romans brought in their May festival to honor Flora, the goddess of flowers.  One of the traditions started at that time was the Maypole.  A tall pole was set up in the center of the village.  Long streamers were nailed at the top.  Children took an end and walked around the pole, weaving the streamers around the pole.  Baskets of flowers were also delivered to family and friends in the village.
     I can remember making May baskets out of strawberry cartons, filling them with flowers and then walking very quietly to a neighbor's front door.  I'd hang it on the doorknob, ring the bell and then run away.  I usually hid behind a tree so I could see their surprise when they opened their door.  It's grown into a nice little holiday and a fun way to share flowers and maybe a few sweet treats with your friends and neighbors.

This May basket is easy to make from paper plates.  Each student can make their own to take home.  You can also make one to fill with treats and hang on the door of another class at school.

This would also make a great Mother's Day basket.  Fill with notes of love, flowers and special treats.

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Sara R. Thornhill said...

Last May I remember my divorce

I’ll probably make a new tradition, every May to make some kind of souvenir for the anniversary of the divorce. Will be a memory for years to come

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