Currently June, 2014

Currently June, 2014

I’m joining another Currently Link-Up with Farley’s Oh’ Boy 4th Grade.

 I'm in a little bit of a rush this morning so I'm listening Pandora playing with my favorite tunes, a mix of country, Broadway tunes and those oldies from the 60's!

These longer summer days.  I'm so regulated by daylight.  With more daylight hours I stay up longer and can get more accomplished through the day and still have time to relax in the evenings.

I'm headed down to see my Dad today.  He has a trunk full of family pictures.  We're going to start sorting through them.  I'm excited to not only get them organized but to hear all the stories that go with them.  Something we should all do with our parents before their memories fade away.

Really need to find that balance!  My TPT products are always first on my to do list, but how do you find the time for blogging, pinning and Facebook????  Now, I've joined a Fitbit group and want to keep up with my steps. I'm retired and there still aren't enough hours in a day!

My house is pretty cluttered right now.  I've been spending so much time on the computer I need to learn how to step away and get this house clean.  I think I need to set up a weekly schedule and promise myself to clean at least one room every day!  Funny how cleaning house is always at the bottom of my to do list?  Does anyone else feel that way?

Summer Bucket List:
I don't really have a summer bucket list because I'm not going back to work in fall.  But I do have a few things planned for the summer... sitting in the pool, going to a Diamondbacks baseball game and flying to KC to visit my cousin.  We're planning a trip to Hawaii next summer to celebrate our 60th birthdays!

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