Love Interactive Notebooks!

5 reasons to love interactive notebooks, they get students involved, they are a year-long record of student work, students can work on then independently, they get students to show their work and best of all, they're fun!

1. Get students active!  Like the title says, these notebooks are “interactive”,  That means students are more involved instead of sitting back and being a passive learner.

2. Year-long record.  Notebooks are the perfect way to keep a record of a student’s work from the entire year.  The notebook is not only a place to paste in pockets, foldables, etc. But it’s also a place to keep notes, reflections, questions, and journal entries.

3. Independent Work.  Once students have been taught how to use an element for the notebook they can use it again and again on future assignments.  By the second half of the year students have probably been taught how to use lots of the elements and can now choose an element on their own to use for an assignment.  You can keep several of the more versatile elements in a folder so they can get the one they want for a reading assignment.,

4. Show your thinking!  We are constantly asking students to show the evidence for their answer or response.  Interactive notebooks are designed to do just that.  Notebooks are not the place for a one word answer!  They encourage and guide students to expand and show evidence for their responses.

5.They’re fun!  I have yet to see a student who doesn't like to work in their interactive notebook.  I know there is a place for paper/pencil tests, but interactive notebooks are inherently engaging and students enjoy working on the elements they place in their notebooks.

      Click on this image to download a free sample of my Fourth Grade Interactive notebook!

 Fourth Grade Interactive Notebook Sample

Here’s a peek at a few of the pages.
Interactive notebook page to introduce the theme of a book or story.

Teach students about point of view with this interactive notebook page.

Help your student about visual information with this interactive notebook page.

Interactive notebook page for teaching main idea and key details.

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