Pick 3 July DIY

July Pick 3

Summer is finally here.  Many schools have just started their summer break, but many schools will be back in session in just a few weeks! So my Pick 3 for this month is ideas that you do at home to get your classroom ready for a new year!  They're all about DIY, Do It Yourself!

My first pick is this adorable chair.  Turn that ugly, old office chair into a style that goes with your classroom decor.
 DIY desk chair, from old and ugly to spectacular!
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This idea looks a little more challenging, but I think it will totally be worth it.  Can't you see this in your classroom library!
 DIY ottoman and book storage
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Finally, I've saved the easiest for last.  I love this calendar and might even make one for my office.  All you'll need are paint chip samples and a frame with glass.   How cute is this~
 Paint chip calendar.
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I've enjoyed looking for these DIY projects so much I started a Pinterest board just for DIY Classroom Projects.  Check it out for a lot more cute and creative ideas.

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