Fifth Grade Literacy Centers, Free Sample!

Finally!  Literacy centers written specifically for fifth grade! Crockett's Classroom

Calling all 5th grade teachers!  I've just finished my first set of literacy centers written specifically for 5th grade.  I know it's the middle of the school year, but you can try the centers right now because I wrote set 4 for weeks 16-20 first!  I know it's a little crazy, but I wanted teachers to be able to use them right away.  I'll write units 5 and 6 to finish out the school year and then have units 1, 2, 3 for the beginning of next school year.  

I've tried to make the centers flexible so teachers everywhere will be able to adapt them to meet the needs of their students and their curriculum.

There are six centers. 

Read About It, read independently, reading skills
Students read independently and practice reading skills.

Chat About It, read with partner or small group, reading strategies
Students read with a partner or small group and discuss reading strategies.

Listen to It, read with a partner, fluency
Students read with a partner while they practice fluency skills.

Just a Word About It, independent work, word study
Independent practice for students to practice word study skills.

Be Right About It , independent work, grammar skills
Independent practice for students to practice grammar skills.

Write About It, independent work, writing skills  
Independent practice as students go through the writing process to produce different genres of writing.

You can use them all, or choose just the ones that work well with your schedule.

I hope you'll download free set of centers and give them a try with your class this year. (click on the cover image to download Week 16 from Set 4)
 5th Grade Literacy Centers, Week 16 Free Sample

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