Spring Garden Writing Genre Project

Time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather!  Spring also means it's time for last minute test prepping!  Well, I have a fun way to review six different writing genres with your students.

In this engaging project students write six different papers, each about a garden, but each is also a different genre.  Sticking with one theme, but changing genres, will give students a better idea about the differences between writing genres.  Here are the genres and topics:
 Spring Garden Genre Writing from Crockett's Classroom on TPT.  This project will keep your kids engaged even though spring is in the air!
(Click on this image to see the packet in Crockett's Classroom on TPT)

The packet also includes an idea for an inside garden, six writing guidelines, six graphic organizers and six different publishing papers. You can have the students put all the finished papers together into a booklet.  Two different covers and an About the Author page is also included.  This makes a great project for end of the year conferences or open houses.

The best news is you can download and try the persuasive writing piece for free!  Click on either of these images to give it a try in your classroom.
 Ready for spring!  Get your kids excited about writing with this freebie from Crockett's Classroom.

 Spring is here!  It's not easy to keep students focused on their lessons when it starts to get warm and everything is turning green.  This writing project will keep your kids engaged and it's a great way to review six different genres of writing!

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