Say it in a Postcard

 Postcards are the perfect way to reach out to your kids with birthday wishes, words of encouragement or to celebrate accomplishments.

Do you remember how excited you felt the last time you got a card or letter in the mail?  In our world of email and texting that thrill is disappearing.  But, what if I told you there's a way to bring that excitement to your students and not break your budget?!

I recently discovered a company called Send Out Cards.  This online company is unique because you can select and personalize cards that are sent through the mail.  These aren't e-cards, they're real, hold in your hand, treasure forever cards and postcards. 

One of my favorite features of the site is the scheduler.  The very first thing you should do is add all your student addresses to the Contact List. Then, at the beginning of the year you can set up a schedule to send out a birthday card to all of your students. All you do is choose a card, add a personal note and your name.  Then, schedule the date you want it sent.  Once your cards are scheduled you don't have to worry about ever missing a student birthday!

Birthdays aren't the only time to send a message to your students. What about those days when a student needs a little encouragement, or has reached an important goal?  You can quickly and easily send out a personalized postcard to any student at any time! 
 Kids love getting real mail! Send them a postcard when they need a little encouragement, to celebrate an accomplishment, or just for fun!

I also love that each postcard costs less than $1.00!  The site works on a point system.  You can purchase different amounts of points.  The more points you buy, the cheaper each point.  For example, 100 points are $59, so that's $.59 for each point.  It costs 1 point to send a postcard.  With the $.35 postage that comes to $.94 for each postcard.  Regular, folding cards cost 3 points, which is still much cheaper than you'll find in a card rack at the store.

You can get started with Send Out Cards  now by sending a free card. Click on this link. Then click on the menu icon (three little bars in the upper right hand corner) to send a free card.
 Check out Send Out Cards for your classroom.  Follow this link to send out a free card!

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