Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The season we’ve waited for all year is almost here!  Thanksgiving is just a warm up for the big event in December.  My birthday!  (just kidding) Even though my birthday is December 24, it doesn’t compare to the excitement of Christmas.

The weeks leading up to the holidays can be some of the most precious time you spend with your students.  Over the years I’ve read lots of holiday books, cut out thousands of stars and used gallons of glue and glitter.  I’d like to share a few of my favorite books and craft activities and maybe you’ll find a few new ideas to share with your kids (at school or at home).
I plan on adding a new idea every other day until December 23th.  So check back often to download all the holiday ideas.
Pattern and directions for making these standing reindeer.

The first craft is a standing reindeer.  I found a picture of these adorable reindeer in a magazine about 10 years ago.  I drew the pattern and my students have loved making the pair of reindeer every year since.  I scanned my pattern for you to download.  I'm not a clip artist so the pattern is kind of rough, but should work fine when you make copies for your students.

Copy the pattern on brown paper, or on white paper for the kids to color. Fold in the middle, then glue the sides together.  Clip on two clothes pins for the legs.  Then you can add pipe cleaner antlers, googly eyes, pipe cleaner wreath, a string with a bell, ribbon bows or any other adornments you can think of. My class reindeer turned out different every year.  It all depended on what scraps of materials I had on hand.  Have fun with you class reindeer herd!

Click here for directions and pattern.

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