Football Fun!

The big day of football is almost here! You can bring the excitement 
 of the big day into your classroom and still stay focused on academics. 

Here are some ideas for a Super Football Week:

New York Times Student Super Bowl Crossword-
This page has a link to a printable crossword and the answers.
It might be a good idea to let students work in teams.  Let the teams choose a name for themselves.  I suggest you make the teams a fair mix of football knowledgeable students.   Some of the clues look a little challenging. (Of course I'm speaking as a pretty weak football fan.)  The crossword might make a good research tool.  Students can use reference sources to find the answers.

Learn about Roman Numerals
Since the years for the big games are numbered with Roman Numerals this is a great time to introduce them to your students.
Click here or on this picture to download a chart of the numerals from 1 to 100. See if your students can fill in the blank chart on the second page.

The Teacher Hub has lots of great ideas for lessons that tie into the Super Bowl.

Game Predictions:  Here's a fun activity to do with your class early in the week.  After students make their predictions you can graph some of the results.  Then on the Monday after the game check the statistics online and see which student has the most correct predictions.  You can give out fun coupons for the winners.

Click on the picture to download the pdf file.  The file is editable so you can make changes for your class.

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