Valentine's Day Quick Idea


Start by having students make the chocolate drop flowers. These are the same flowers I described in an earlier post.  All you need is a wooden stick, a small cupcake wrapper and a wrapped chocolate candy.  The cupcake wrappers I bought were white on the inside and colored on the outside so I had the kids turn them inside out.  Glue the wrapper to the stick and then glue the candy in the center.  Then have some green paper available to use as leaves. Students can set these aside so the glue can dry.

Next, pass out the hand card.
Click on picture for pattern

I had the cards folded and the slits cut before I handed them out.  This saved lots of class time.  In order for the hand to hold the flower you need to cut a slit below the thumb and below the palm. 

The kids had a great time coloring and decorating the hand.  They can write anything they want on the inside and front of the card.  A few even came up with a name for their card company and wrote it on the back.

After the coloring the wooden stick can be slipped through the slits and the card is ready!

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