A Grand idea for Spelling

I have a Grand Idea to share with you.  It's a fun and engaging way to get your students excited about their spelling words! 

Spelling Addition, a fun way to get kids to practice their spelling words.  The activity can be used for homework, in a literacy center or as part of your weekly spelling routine.

Spelling Addition is so simple. Students work in pairs.  One student says a word. The other student writes the word.  The word is checked and written again.  Then the letters from the word are given a number value and added up.  

You can add another element to the practice by letting the players move a piece around a game board using the total from the value from each word. (click on this image for the free download)
 Fun and engaging activity for spelling or word work centers.

You use this activity in a literacy center, as a homework assignment or as part of your weekly spelling routine.

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