Quick and Easy Season Partners

End the chaos of choosing student progress with this simple and quick student cards.

Throughout the year you’re going to need students to pair up. I have a way to get that organized at the beginning of the year and then you’re all set.  You may have heard of clock partners.  I did that for a few years, but it was a long process to set it up.   But, season partners is much quicker because there are only four seasons! 
Here’s how you set it up.

1.  Give each student a Seasons Partner card. (two sizes are included in the free download.)  Have them write their own name in the center.
2.  Tell your students that Fall is the time for new beginnings at school.  We meet new friends and have a new classroom and teacher. Ask them to find a new friend, someone they didn’t know at all or not very well last year. Students exchange cards and write their name on their partner’s card.
3.  Next comes winter.  We’ll be learning all kinds of new things through the winter season.  The teacher will pair up students for the Winter partners. Or, you can let students have free choice again.
4. Spring is next. So we can spring forward with new learning activities boys will choose a girl partner and girls will choose a boy partner.

5. The final season is Summer.  Summer friends are special.  Students can choose any friend for this season.

Click on this image to download the free Season Partners cards.

 Here's a quick and easy way to get your students into pairs.  At the beginning of the year set them up with 4 other partners, these will be their fall, winter, spring or summer partner.

I usually have students choose new partners in January.  You can change the criteria to meet the needs of your classroom.  Also, make sure you keep a cheat sheet so you remember the criteria you set for each season.

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