Cozy Geometry Quilts

Cozy up with this engaging activity that helps your students  review geometry concepts.

Brrrr!  It's cold outside!  Time to get out the quilt and have a little fun with geometry.  I have a great project that can be done with any geometry unit.  

A few weeks ago I spent a couple of afternoons with a super class of second graders and helped them review some geometry concepts as we put together paper quilt calendars for the new year.

Before I started the lesson I cut 4 inch squares from some holiday scrapbook paper.  We did this project in December so I chose red and green paper, but you can do this with any scrapbook paper you have on hand. 
Getting the pieces ready for our class geometry quilt.

Let each student choose 4 squares, 2 of one color/pattern, 2 of another color/pattern.  Then we cut the squares into rectangles and then the rectangles into smaller squares.  Each student should end up with 16 small squares.  While we were cutting I was reviewing geometry terms.

Now,  let them explore making patters.  I was arranging my own pieces on the board so they begin by making my pattern.  But, they soon began creating their own patterns.  

After a little while I asked them to choose one pattern they liked the best and glue it onto the quilt back.  The results were beautiful!
The kids had so much fun making these paper quilts.It was also a great way to review geometry.

 The next day I returned to their class and went through the same procedures but we used triangles cut from the squares.  The kids made some amazing quilts!

The kids had so much fun making these paper quilts.It was also a great way to review geometry.

Since the students had created 2 quilts they got to choose one to turn into a 2016 calendar.  The second one was put into a class display.

Make a paper quilt with your class, fun way to review geometry.

You can download the directions for making the quilt with the square pieces here: 

 Make a cozy quilt with your students to review geometry concepts.

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