Homework, Yay or Nay?

Homework has been a tradition in our schools for decades.  But, is it a tradition that needs to be retired?  At the very least it's time to evaluate your homework policies.  

Research shows homework is not all bad, nor is it all good.  Like everything else there are pros and cons.   

-Homework gives students time to practice the academic skills they need to master. 
-It gives parents a way to be involved in their child’s education.
-Having a homework routine helps students learn time management. 
-Homework can encourage self-discipline and independent problem-solving skills.

-Homework can lead to a negative attitude toward school.
-Homework cuts down on the time kids have to be active and play.
-Homework is often busy work the student really doesn’t need.
-Not all homes are created equal.  Completing school assignments at home can be a burden for some kids.

What most studies have found is that homework can be beneficial, but teachers need to make sure to minimize the negative effects of homework. 

Homework can be an valuable part of a child's education.  The cons don't necessarily outweigh the pros.  But, before you implement a new homework program these are some of the questions you need to ask myself. (Not listed in any particular order.)

1.  Will this assignment help my students grow academically?
2.  Is the assignment at the student's independent learning level?
3.   How long will it take the average student in my class to complete the homework assignment?
4.  How can the assignment be modified to meet the varied needs of my students?
5.  How will I manage the homework system I put in place? 

One way to think outside of the "homework box" is to give kids more choices.  Too often one assignment is not the best for all students.  Giving kids a choice may also avoid the negative attitudes toward mandatory homework. 

Choice boards are used with literacy studies, learning centers and for research projects.  Why not use a choice board for homework? 

I've put together a homework choice board that can be edited to meet the needs of your students.  This is an editable PowerPoint file.  When you click on this link it will open in your browser.  It is not editable in your browser!  You'll need to download and save it first.  Then open it in PowerPoint.  You may also need to click on Enable Editing in PowerPoint.   

Give your kids a choice for their homework.  These editable choice boards are the perfect way to differentiate your homework assignments.

I hope you find these editable choice boards helpful in setting your homework system this year.  I'd love to hear how you use them.  Share your pictures on Instagram and tag me (crockettsclassroom) so I can see, too. 

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