Class Journals Are Just What You Need!


Many teachers have their students use individual journals.  I’ve had journals for reading, writing, and the content areas of science and social studies.  Journals are a great way for students to keep important information, class notes, and reflections on their learning.  But, have you tried class journals?  

Class journals are used by all students.  These special journals can be a way to share common experiences and build a strong community.  The journals can keep a record of class meetings, collect thoughts on current events, write continuing stories, chronicle class or school news, share book reviews, or respond to current read-aloud.  The list is endless.

Tips and Suggestions:

-A composition book holds up better than a spiral notebook.

-Set up a rotation schedule to make sure all students get a chance to write in the journal.

-Have a different journal for different purposes. You can have several class journals, don’t try to keep current events in the same journal with a journal with continuing fiction stories.

-Attach a library pocket to the front.  The card in the pocket will keep a list of students who have written in the journal with the date of their entries. (See the freebie below.)

-Decide if students write in the journal at school, at home, or both.  If students are adding a story, it could be their homework for the week.  If the journal is for reflections on a book read to the class, the student can be given time to write during the school day.  Writing in the class journal could even be one of your literacy centers.

Here's the best news . . . I've created a freebie to share with you.  This free, editable PowerPoint has all the printables you'll need to put your own class journals together.  (Please save the file to your computer before you begin editing.)


However you use a class journal, I know your kids will love them!

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