Paper Strip Trees

Paper Strips Tree

Materials: Strips of paper ½” wide.  For younger children you can use wider strips.

For hanging tree:  ribbon, bell

For card:  8 ½ X 11” piece of white card stock folded in half.

This easy craft is super cute.  The uneven layers make it even more adorable.

1.Cut ½” strips of paper.  You can use paper with a printed design or plain, colored paper. 

Hanging Tree:

     Plan the layers by putting two strips back to back.  The next layer should be slightly smaller, keep going until you reach the top.

When you’re ready to glue the tree together, tie the bell on the end of the ribbon.  Lay the ribbon on a flat surface.  Take the longest pair of strips and put glue on one piece.  Place it under the ribbon and put the matching strip on top.  Make sure the strip is centered on the ribbon.  Continue gluing the strips up the ribbon.  Tie the extra ribbon at the top to form a loop.

Card:  Glue the longest strip at the bottom, continue gluing shorter strips up the front of the card to form a tree shape.  Draw a star, cut it out and glue it to the top of the tree.

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