Paper Strips Ornament Ball

Paper Strips Ornament Ball

Materials: 8 strips of paper (1” X 6”) for each ornament.  You can use printed paper, or plain paper and let students color or decorate the pieces. Two brads, 8” thin ribbon, bell, hole punch.

1.Cut the strips and punch a hole at both ends.  It might save time to have the holes punched before you give them to the students.

2.Put the brad through the bottom holes for all 8 pieces.

3.Make sure the brad will open on the back side of the

          paper strips.

4.     Put the bell on the ribbon.  Put the ribbon ends through

         the top hole so the bell stays on the back of the strips,

         which will be the inside of the ornament.

5.Put the other brad through the hole with the

        opening on the inside,  by the bell.

6.     Spread out the strips to form the ball.

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