Large Poinsettia

Materials:  Large, medium and small leaf templates, red, pink, white and green construction paper, brad, yellow hole punches, single hole punch tool.

1. Make enough leaf templates for students to share.

2. Students will choose to make a red, pink or white poinsettia.

3. Each poinsettia needs 4 or 5 small, 4 or 5 med and 4 or 5 large leaves of the chosen color. The flower also needs 4 large green leaves. Students trace and cut out the leaves they need for their flower.

4.    Punch a hole at the end of each petal.

5.Put brad through each petal going from smallest to largest so the
       brad opening ends up at the back.

6.    Spread out the leaves

7.    Glue a few of the yellow hole punches in the center.
        into the gingerbread man through the open side.

These look beautiful displayed around the room during the holiday season.

Click here for directions and pattern.

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